Mission, Vision, Value Basics-Defining Your Mark

Let me start by saying I have done this entire blog process in reverse.  Guess what, I make mistakes, we all do.  For the past month, we have been more focused on getting the site set up, that we lost sight of why we were even doing this in the first place!  It’s easy to get caught up in all of the excitement of starting a new venture and the overwhelming task of linking up social media accounts.

This represents my third side hustle but the first foray into an internet based venture.  So far it’s been a great experience, but one of utter disarray.  I would come home and punch out whatever content had assembled itself in my head over the course of a day, post it, and call it done.  Then I decided it might be a great idea to slow down and really think through what I wanted this to become and put my many years and dollars of corporate leadership training to good use.

The Basic Framework

So rewind several years back as I am attending one of several leadership training courses I have had the luxury to take part of in my career.  The speaker is covering the importance of having a mission statement for your company and specifically for your team.  There are many variations of this exercise, but my speaker focused on a somewhat slimmed down and simplified version with four basic parts. This has been awhile, but from my memory, it went something like this:

1-What exactly is the purpose for  which your company exists?

2-How do you deliver the what?

3-To whom do you exist for?

4-What is the value proposition you offer the whom?

Put It In Motion

This is a great practice to do with yourself, your team at work, or even your family!  It doesn’t have to be perfect on the first try and will likey take a few attempts to master.  Write a rough draft and eliminate/add words accordingly until it fits.  Go out and find out some of the mission statements of your favorites companies if you need ideas to get started.

If you want to take this a step further, add a vision statement for what exactly it is that you want your business or cause to become-this one can be a bit longer out into the future.  And if you want to just really wow the heck out of everyone, add the core values that drive you or your company.

Your mission and definitely your vision statement can change over time, especially if you add products or services to your business.  I suppose your values could change, but more than likely these stay fairly constant, unless there is a change in management.

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

After some extensive thinking, we mapped out what we really wanted this to be and how we would get there.

Our Mission Statement:

At The Fiscal Savant, we strive to provide informative, timely, and relevant information about all things finance for anyone who desires to become more financially affluent in their life. We accomplish this by sharing our own stories, featured guest articles, and any additional information we deem helpful to our follower base.  We focus on well-proven methods of debt reduction, savings maximization and investment theory while making this easy to understand for the average reader.

Our Vision:

To be a trusted leader and partner in the online community dedicated to providing timely and relevant content for our readers.

Our Core Values:

1-Savings and budgeting must be a core part of your financial plan.

2-Investing wisely in long-term strategies with a focus on cost minimization and proven asset diversification strategies.

3-Leveraging your financial strategy to allow for focus on a balanced, well-rounded life for you and your family.

4-Honesty & Integrity are at the core of everything we do.

Summary & Closing

No matter what point your small business is at, it doesn’t hurt to step back and take a look at your mission, vision and values.  It may be something you bypassed early on and need to come back to revisit.  Or if you already have one, does it accurately reflect the current state of what your business does and plans to do in the future?

As always, we welcome any comments, feedback, suggestions, or questions!
-This Fiscal Savant-

*Disclaimer-These are the views and opinions of the editor and should not be viewed as financial advice.


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